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Professional Internet marketers, niche marketers, affiliate marketers, e-zine publishers, mentors and speakers Teri & Doug Champigny have been earning a full-time living on the Internet since 1996. Originally co-owners of a full service advertising agency, the Champignys saw the writing on the wall and evolved their business into a web design and search engine optimization firm, becoming one of the first major design houses for corporate web site design.

Two of the earliest sites the Champignys launched for their own use are still online today - and Market My Dot Com!. The former was built to show potential clients that a site could be built to attract over 1 MILLION visitors per year with no paid advertising, relying completely on the traffic from the free Search Engine listings. Appalled by the lack of a central portal for tools, tips and resources to aid web site designers & Internet marketers, Teri & Doug Champigny created the latter site to fill that void.

Today, with more than 150 web sites & a dozen blogs in The Champigny Web, the Champignys no longer offer their services to corporations, preferring to dedicate their considerable talents to their own Internet marketing, niche marketing and affiliate marketing - and to publishing their numerous e-zines helping others to achieve their incredible level of success online.

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